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For Small- to Medium-Sized Businesses


The business attorneys of Snider Law Firm, PLLC. provide both common and highly-specialized transaction and litigation legal services for small- to medium-sized businesses in and around the cities of Houston and Beaumont.

Our business lawyers are not only experienced commercial litigators, but can advise you on issues concerning daily business and how the law affects your company. Relying on technology and taking an interdisciplinary, client-centered approach to litigation and commercial and corporate law matters, we work with diverse businesses and professionals across various industries, across the country.

Types of business law matters that we handle:

At Snider Law Firm, we know business and have a great deal of experience in business-related litigation and understanding the ins-and-outs of the law. We make every effort to become thoroughly acquainted with your business and to help guide you through the stages of progress with advice on changing laws, general business practice and more. We want to be with you from business entity formation onwards. With the knowledge that we acquire about your company, developing a long-term relationship with our business attorneys provides an advantage to your company because of how knowledgeable we become.

Learn more about how Snider Law Firm can help your business by contacting us in Beaumont at 409-924-9595 or fill out our contact form.

General Business Advice

With today’s economic climate, it can be extremely hard to start up a business or keep your current business afloat due to the changing laws, fluctuating economy and unstable competition landscapes. General business advice, keeping you abreast of the latest changes in law and advising you on the best way to prepare for coming legislative changes can make all the difference in your approach to decision making.

Look to the business attorneys of Snider Law Firm when you need business advice. We are experienced in all sorts of business legal matters and can help you understand how the law affects your business.

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Drafting and Negotiation of Buy/Sell Agreements

When drafting and negotiating buy/sell agreements, you should work with business lawyers that have a real understanding of not only contract language, but also ancillary business law and modern negotiation techniques. In this way, you can be sure to not only get the best price, but to have solid, legally binding contracts that are immune to court challenge after a sale.

At Snider Law Firm, we pride ourselves in never producing “boilerplate” agreements. We look at each case individually and with distinct concern for the parties involved. Drafting and negotiation of buy/sell agreements should be undertaken with an adequate measure of marketplace awareness in order to successfully judge the true value of the business and negotiate the price accordingly.

Whether you are selling on the open market or creating an agreement to protect the interested parties in business succession cases, with Snider Law Firm, you are sure to get an agreement that you desire.

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Business Entity Formation

Business entity formation in Texas should be handled by the skilled business lawyers of Snider Law Firm, who have the experience to see that your business is set up and fully functional in a format that fits with your business goals, resources and purpose.

Many Texas businesses facing business entity formation rush into setting up a Limited Liability Company, and while this is a valid option for many companies, it is not always the best choice. Be wary of any service that tries to automatically push you in this direction.

By talking with the lawyers at Snider Law Firm, you will get a chance to review the positive and negative aspects of each business entity type that applies to your business and make a decision that is right for your business today and for the future.

As your business grows and changes, you may need to change your business structure, which is why it is smart to establish a long term relationship with a team of highly trained business lawyers, like those at Snider Law Firm. We make every effort to be thoroughly acquainted with your business and to help guide you through the stages of progress with advice on changing laws, general business practice and, most importantly, when it is time to consider a business reorganization and entity change.

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Non-Profit Formation

Non-profit formation in Texas is a relatively straightforward process that is routinely done poorly resulting in legal complications. There are many books, articles and instruction manuals that purport to walk you through the process of incorporation step by step, but due to the special tax protection that comes to 501(c)c3 entities under the Internal Revenue Service’s tax code, these corporations come under a great deal of scrutiny. There can be financial consequences if the incorporation is not handled correctly.

Non-profit formation is partly about the notification of and registration with the Secretary of State and the IRS, but it is primarily about the establishment of organizational structure, leadership and membership rights. The business attorneys of Snider Law Firm will help prepare the Articles of Incorporation, suggest standard formatting and language for Bylaws and guide you through the process of creating a structure that will serve your group well.

In addition, the business attorneys of Snider Law Firm can help your organization achieve tax-exempt status by registering with both the IRS and the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts.

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Contract Drafting and Negotiation

At Snider Law Firm, our business attorneys have a great deal of experience with contract drafting and negotiation. Our lawyers have experience with numerous contract litigation cases and can use this experience to help you avoid the pitfalls that have led other companies to court.

When creating a great contract, the contract language must be very carefully crafted to fit your company and its situation. Snider Law Firm has a dedicated team of business lawyers that really care about your business and can ensure that you get not only the best possible advice, but also the best possible final contract.

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Risk Management Advice

Risk management is an umbrella term that covers health and safety, worker’s comp programs, employee wellness, violence prevention, motor vehicle safety and liability insurance. It is forethought and preparation in these areas that can prevent litigation and costly payouts. Your business, no matter how big or small should have a risk management policy in place to protect yourself and your employees.

The number one way you can protect your business from litigation is to establish and maintain a fully developed risk management policy. Risk management is now a necessary part of business planning and if you do not create an effective policy you are leaving yourself open to litigation, employee distrust and dissatisfaction and the risk of large payouts for work place accidents.

The business lawyers at Snider Law Firm will be happy to give you risk management advice to help protect your employees at work and help prevent future litigation.

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Business Collection Matters

When a Debt is Owed to You

When you have a serious amount of outstanding debt that needs collected, you want to be sure to follow the law precisely to avoid having the debt forgiven due to illegal collection methods. The laws around business collection matters have been written to encourage payment of these debts, so if you follow the process correctly, you are more likely to see payment of the amount owed to you. Contact the business attorneys of Snider Law Firm today to help ensure that your collection methods stay well within the law and are effective as well.

When You Owe a Debt

Before you allow your debt to grow to an insurmountable obstacle, speak with a business attorney at Snider Law Firm, who can help you craft a debt payment plan that you can live with and then negotiate with your creditors to avoid nasty collections attempts.

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